N38 – Seven Eyes‘ brand new Single

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Seven Eyes

„This is not my stop, it never was my stop.“

Tanya Wells


The year 2018 has just begun and Seven Eyes have already released their brand new single called N38! The name of this song has been taken from an actual bus line number, which travels from Victoria station to North East London. The clip to N38 has been shot in that particular night bus N38. This wonderful and heartbreaking Song have been composed by Seven Eyes, and was recorded and produced by Shammi Pithia in London. It has been mastered by Andi J Baldwin in Metropolis in London and was filmed and edited by Anthony McHugh.


N38 is a velvet, melodious and touching song. It is a song about pain and the bitter side of the thing called love. The song narrates the story of a woman (Caitlin McLeod) who has broken up with her boyfriend and then chances upon him on her way home in a London night bus. Sitting at the back of the bus, totally lost in her thoughts, she suddenly catches sight of her past love (Bertrand Lesca) entering the very same bus. This surprise encounter suddenly makes her go through different kind of emotions in unexpected ways. The song explores these emotions, expressing fear, anxiety yet still tenderness. Her impulse immediately tells her to run away at once! But she can’t escape. She has to finally wait for the next bus stop, as there’s no other way out. Until then she can only pray that he’d not turn around and that he wouldn’t see her. While her emotions run haywire, she thinks: „Out of all the night buses in London you had to step on the 38 (…) you had to step on my journey home.“ While being trapped in that bus and exposed to his good looking appearance, she’s getting overwhelmed by all the memories she’s not been able to forget yet.

N38 begins soft and slow, with the sound of only two guitars based on a 3/4 time. The voice of Tanya Wells, the lead singer of Seven Eyes, is impressively clear and enormously flexible. She generally surprises with her specific way of singing and her specific sense of musicality – influenced for example by the classical Indian Music. Seven Eyes use the term merging music as they bring together many different styles of music, genres and techniques – „merging“ into something brand new! If you want to get a better understanding of Seven Eyes’ (merging) music check out their wonderful debut album The Seed, which is a melodious trip around the world. The range of Tanya Wells’ music genres and her vocal range is extremely versatile. She’s singing very high and fragile melodies and tones, but she’s equally capable of singing very powerful, soulful and deep melodies. The very talented guitarist Paulo Vinícius follows various kinds of genres, styles or techniques, too. The fusion of these two artists is therefore like an euphonic explosion!


N38 has a mild and fragile beginning, while gaining in intensity with almost every single breath. The overall mood of this song is supported by the strong interaction between rhythm, melody, lyrics and acting. The emotional climax of the song is, for example, emphasized with drumbeats and a change of rhythm. The dynamic of the song could be described by the metaphor of a deep blue ocean wave, gaining slowly in height and then on reaching the highest point, crashes down heavily and glaringly followed by gradual silence again.




Out of all the night buses in London
You had to step on the 38
Sitting on the top deck by the window
Looking out as we pull away
Watching people spilling out onto pavements
Stumbling in the orange glow

Out of all the night buses in London
You had to step on my journey home
But I wont cross the distance
That we put between us somehow
And I won’t interfere with silence
But my heart is beating so loud

I pray you don’t turn around, turn around,
Turn around, don’t turn turn turn turn around

You’re looking pretty good anyhow
Cut your hair, clean shaven
I wonder where it is you’re heading in this part of town
Still got that tear in your jacket pocket
You said you’d fix it, you’ll never fix it
By the way, how is your heart? still beating?

My heart is telling me to run, danger
This is not my stop, it never was my stop
My heart is telling me to run, danger
This is not my stop, it never was

Out of all the night buses in London
You had to step on the 38

Now I’m standing on an unfamiliar pavement
Looking out as it drives away

I turn around, turn around, turn around
I turn turn turn turn around



Nicole Karimi

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