„Queen“, the story of a young Indian woman

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How Sorrow Turns Out To Be A Unique Chance  –

Queen“, the story of a young Indian woman


“For me the film is about getting over herself (…), all the things that she believed, or she’s been taught, or she’s been told.” 

Vikas Bahl

Those who liked English Vinglish (2012) should not miss to watch Queen (2014) as well. Queen shows a female protagonist who grows out of herself and goes through an intensive development of her personality. Queen was screened in the Indian Cinemas in March 2014 and was also presented only one month later at a German Film Festival in Muenster. The German audience was as much impressed by this funny and also dramatic movie as the Indian audience was. The director Vikas Bahl succeeded in subtly and powerfully putting on screen the development of a helpless and immature girl to a strong and independent Indian woman amid the tension between tradition and modernity, East and West. The 24 years old Rani from Delhi is willing to finally meet her fiancé Vijay secretly only two days before their wedding. But it’s nothing pleasant he’s going to tell her: He all of a sudden calls off the wedding! He really has deeply hurt and humiliated her. But there’s something she doesn’t want him to take away from her: Her dream to travel to Europe. And that’s why she decided to go alone on Honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam. The launch abroad is quite hard for her, as she is morally challenged right from the start. But then Rani finds something very special abroad: Love – Love for herself. She gets to know people who are totally different from her and who even think and live totally differently. But it’s those people who will become her friends and who will make her find a completely new approach to herself. Through these friendships Vikas Bahl makes the main protagonist – and the Indian audience as well – overcome all forms of prejudice and stereotypes. The director deliberately tries to show only these friend‘s real core in order to fade into the background their way of living, their profession, their origin and their SEX. Just then, as Rani feels for the first time completely free and at peace with herself, something totally unexpected happened.

This film proves to be due to its openness especially towards strangers a tremendous enrichment for a global audience. There are currently so many problems in dealing with foreigners all over the world – i.e. with foreign people and their strange religions, their strange appearances and negative connotations etc. In front of Vikas Bahl’s camera, they all – or I must rather say “we” all – however, could be just humans.

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